About Us

Soap Alchemist - Molly O'Quinn:

I started making soap in 2013 because I had a dirty hippy girlfriend with sensitive skin and dreadlocks who wanted no parts of the hyper hygienic conspiracy set forth by The Man. I figured that if I could make a soap she could use to clean her whole body, wash her hair, and clean the house, I could throw away my nose plugs for good while also defeating The Man. So I created a recipe designed to accomplish all the typical hygienic goals in 1 bar: clean, moisturize, and deodorize body, and life. With the help of a few friends and some old fashioned know-how, Yawning Lion Soap was born and my dirty hippy girlfriend was transformed into a clean hippy who smells good.

Initiator of Absurdity - Dr. Cho Dyubeh: